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In addition to the typical 10% deposit due upon signing of contracts, the following are additional expenses involved with buying a home:

1. Attorney Fee: Range is $3,000 – $5,000

2. Title Search: $600

3. Title Insurance: Fee calculator at

4. Loan Charges to Lender: Disclosed on Good Faith Estimate provided by Bank

5. Bank Fees: Prepaid interest based on amount of mortgage/interest rate. Calculated from day of closing to end of month.

6. Tax Escrow: Based on the monthly amount of real estate taxes that are required by lender.

7. Homeowners Insurance: One year paid in full

8. Recording Fees: Town clerk charges by the page - 1st page is $60; $5 for every additional page

9. Home Inspection: $1,500 

10. Survey/Staking: Approximately $2,000

11. Adjustments: Property Taxes, Association Fees, Oil, Propane, Gas, Service Contracts

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